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What is Skylords Reborn? Project Community

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BattleForge was a real-time strategy trading card game available only on PC platform. It was developed by EA Phenomic and published by Electronic Arts. It was released on Windows in March 2009. A demo was also released in the same month. BattleForge was an online game that contained elements of both real-time strategy (RTS) and trading-card game (TCG) genres. The game's servers were shut down on the 31st of October 2013 at midnight (UTC).

There has never been an actual reason been provided by EA on why they closed down BattleForge, but Skylord Reborn's Community Manager MrXLink managed to interview TheBlackOne (Carsten Holbach), one of the software engineers for EA and he states a few reasons in the interview that you can watch here [1]

Skylords Reborn is a non-profit project that strives to revive BattleForge, which is planned to be hosted on a private server. The project is currently being managed by three people by the alias' of InsaneHawk, Blank and MrXLink along with 4 forum moderators and 5 developers. There has not been a specified completion date and it is currently in closed Beta.

Have some questions about Skylords Reborn? check out the FAQ here [2].

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To learn a little more about the project check here [4].

Project Administrators

Blank, Insanehawk and MrXLink.

Alpha and Beta Testers

Ladadoos, Ultrakool, anonyme0273, Ilsyde, LagOps, ndclub, Treim, Kaliber84,

Sykole, Menchrese, Dawn, bobfrog, Eirias, RayG, Machutan, JoseAlmeida,

WotdeFack, Darian DelFord and Lidde.

Beta Testers

Aleksay, Avire, bergerb, Chimerae, Crusty616, Datenschutz, demimond23,

Dzodin, Esamor, FRMIMo, John, Khazad, KhongtheFork, Lukaznid,

Navarr, RacingGamer, PsyChung, Saim25 and SirUmaga.

(were recently given access to The Forge)

Community Manager



Bolrader, fiki574, Inwutsch, Lord NullPointer and roy_raider


Dexirian, DragonOfTime, Kiwi and MephistoRoss

Total Members

9348 on the 20th December 2016.

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SkylordsNynThe Forge of Creation

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Giants and StonekinBanditsThe AmiiThe Lost SoulsTwilight

Wiki Administrators

Blank, Insanehawk, Kiwi, MrXLink and PrivateHorny.

Wiki Moderators

Dexirian, DragonOfTime and MephistoRoss

Information Supplier


Current game status
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